Air Quality Testing

At Georgia Specialty Services, we provide the comprehensive indoor air quality testing Atlanta, GA homes and business need. We offer thorough and efficient services that can accurately test your indoor environment to detect the presence of any harmful bacteria and chemical pollutants. Breathing unclean air can severely affect your health and that of your family. If you feel sick while indoors but better once you step outside, this may be a sign that you need to have your air quality tested. Over 80% of homes do not meet minimum guidelines for sufficient air quality!

Georgia Specialty Services delivers quality services and we offer in depth allergen test home Atlanta, GA services for our customers. You can rely on us to help you get your air as clean as possible by starting with a complete test for any pollutants that may be present.

Each allergen test includes:

  • Background information
  • Guidelines to interpret the lab analysis
  • Summary chart of which lab result is within or outside of the guidelines
  • Individual discussion about each area sampled
  • Suggestions to improve the area if needed
  • Guidance about maintaining future indoor air quality
  • Concluding remarks and cautions
  • Information about how the guidelines were established
  • Remediation guidance and suggestions of when remediation is recommended

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At Georgia Specialty Services, we can provide the indoor air quality testing Atlanta, GA services for your home or business. The inspection will be completed by an experienced member of our team. Contact us for more information or to schedule testing by calling (678) 781-0391 today.