Allergies In Your Home?

allergies in your home

Do you have allergies in your home? Allergy symptoms that are prevalent throughout the year indicate that you may be allergic to mold. Although people with pollen allergies experience seasonal symptoms, sufferers of year round allergies experience their symptoms continually because the mold spores are always present. Thankfully, we have the ability to test for allergies in your home. You can learn more about our allergen screen service here.

Mold might be the source of allergies in your home

Georgia Specialty Services provides mold inspection and testing that will help you safely locate and plan for the removal of mold from your home. Whether around an AC unit that is leaking, a basement wall or in your crawl space, mold can occur just about anywhere in your home that provides optimal conditions for mold growth. Although you may not see the mold, the symptoms that may indicate the presence of mold include irritated eyes, wheezing, stuffy nose or coughing. The majority of people that experience an allergic reaction such as upper respiratory problems, sinus drainage or other related symptoms can find relief when allergens and mold are removed from the home. You can learn more about our mold testing service here.

Give your family the clean environment they deserve

We are committed to offering the highest levels of quality testing and exceptional customer service to help you understand the test results. Our goal is to help you take the next steps towards removing mold from your home so you and your family can enjoy a safe, clean and sanitary indoor environment.

To find out how you can start feeling better in your home or office, contact Georgia Specialty Services by calling (678) 781-0391 today.