Allergen Screen Service

allergen screening

Georgia Specialty Services provides property inspection services throughout Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas. We offer a comprehensive Allergen Screen service that allows us to determine what allergens are affecting you and your family in your home or business. We combine a personal interview with a complete property inspection so we can find out what may be causing your asthma and allergy symptoms. Once we identify the allergens, our experienced technicians will prepare a report that outlines which steps need to be taken in order to eradicate the allergens from your environment.

Every allergen test report includes:

  • Basic background information
  • Guidelines that help with interpreting the lab analysis
  • A complete summary chart of what results are outside or within the guidelines
  • A full discussion about every area that was sampled
  • Tips on improving the areas which are affected
  • Help with maintaining healthy indoor air quality
  • Final remarks and any cautionary tips
  • Information about how the guidelines were set up
  • Guidance for remediating the allergens and tips about when to remediate

The report includes a lab analysis which is an incredible value for our customers. Our Allergen Screen service tests your entire office or home for main allergens including dust mite, dog, cat and cockroach. Kindly keep in mind that these allergens may be at an elevated level even if no visible evidence exists.

To find out how you can start feeling better in your home or office, contact Georgia Specialty Services by calling (678) 781-0391 today.